• Date:Wednesday, September 18th 18.00 h,     Ticket price: 15 kn
  • Location:F22 venue


The performance was created based on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale Old Windmill, based on the Christian parable. The protagonist of the tale - an old mill - is a home for the people. Mill cares about people – it makes flour and bakes bread, feeds them, raises children, protects them against bad weather, rain and snow, and keeps them warm in cold weather. The good old mill thought she was a part of this big family. But once people have decided that the mill is old, it was time to build a new mill. Therefore, the people burned down the old mill and built a new, modern mill in its place. Performance without words. Instead of words, the spectacle is filled with Ukrainian folk songs that carry the emotional burden of the play, so it can be enjoyed by any audience. The play involves three actors. The "black room" method was used.

  • Author: Hans Christian Andersen
  • Direction: Sergii Bryzhan
  • Light and sound: Sergii Bryzhan
  • Cast: Nataliia Bryzhan, Olha Bryzhan, Andrii Zaslavskyi
  • 5+


Khmelnytskyi Regional Academic Puppet Theatre Khmelnytskyi Regional Academic Puppet Theatre was founded in 1970. Since 1989, the chief director has been Sergij Bryzhan. Performances Hamster and the North Wind, Ivasik-Telesyk based on a Ukrainian folk tale, Kenzo Magic Weapon, Taras, Echoes, Olenka and Іvanko, Lesin’s Letters broke new ground in search of creative theatre by defining a way to the poetic theatre. The repertoire consists of more than 50 performances for children and adults that are created based on the subjects in Ukrainian folk tales and fairy tales of the peoples of the world recorded in classical literature. Currently, the theatre is looking for new means of artistic expression in conjunction with the folk origins of European cultural tradition. The theatre is the organizer of the Festival of Puppet Theatres DYVENJ, which is held once every two years.

Khmelnytskyi Regional Academic Puppet Theatre

46, Proskurivska Str.

29001, Khmelnytskyi,


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