Session Bulgakov is a reconstruction of the novel, set up on the dynamics of contrasts between burlesque and abstract images of object theatre, which remained on the ruins of the confusion, left behind by Satan and his accomplices. In its fragmentation and through the rhythmizing of words, gestures and sounds it combines the associations to today’s obsessed world and the tragic side of everyman with his problems, fears and desires. A trio of actors, animators and musicians puts the spectators into the role of witnesses and eyewitnesses to specific events, leading them through some originally interpreted pictures of the novel at a dynamic pace. The play filled with dramatic expression, poetic impressions, playfulness and simultaneous flirtation with an ironic criticism of the world will leave different responses and options for interpretation. We discover sense either in Bulgakov’s fleshy subject matter, coming to life in front of our eyes as object theatre or in the work’s musical dramaturgy, which is at times explicitly a concert. In the performance, we either recognize ourselves as patients in a social institution or we simply immerse ourselves into the flow of associations in this session, filled with inventive twists.

  • Directed and adapted by: Matija Solce
  • Scenery: Tomáš Žižka
  • Dramaturgy: Tjaša Bertoncelj, Benjamin Zajc
  • Puppet design: Brane Solce
  • Lighting design: Kristjan Vidner
  • Video: Gregor Gobec
  • Cast: Gašper Malnar, Miha Arh, Filip Šebšajevič a. g
  • Photo by: Jaka Varmuz


Ljubljana Puppet Theatre is the principal Slovenian puppet theatre, hosting puppet shows and drama performances for children, youth and adults. The theatre, which operates in six venues, also boasts two festivals taking place every two years (in alternation). One of the theatre’s crucial activities is also attending to the preservation of the rich Slovenian puppetry legacy.

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