A poetic puppet miniature Goodbye does not bring answers. Through a child's perspective, it gently lulls us into a story that subtly shows us that death is a natural part of life. It was inspired by one of the most award-winning and best-selling picture books by Swedish writer Ulf Nilsson. Published under the original title Adjö, Herr Muffin in 2002, this popular picture book received the Swedish August Prize for the best children's literature that same year. It is a touching story about passing and parting, and at the same time a story about life, when we allow ourselves to go to the end of the world.

  • Author: Ulf Nilsson
  • Directed and visually designed by: Jasna Vastl
  • Translation and adaptation: Jasna Vastl, Ajda Rooss
  • Dramaturgy: Ajda Rooss
  • Music: Polona Janežič, Eduardo Raon
  • Lighting design: Igor Remeta
  • Language coaching: Metka Damjan
  • Puppet technology: Žiga Lebar
  • Stage manager and sound designer: Aleš Erjavec
  • Producer: Ana Rokvić Pinterič
  • Lights: Maša Avsec
  • Set technician: Sašo Kiti
  • Puppets, costumes and set production: Žiga Lebar, Erjavec s. p.
  • Cast: Brane Vižintin, voice in Croatian: Aja Kobe
  • Photo by: Jana Jocif
  • 5+


Ljubljana Puppet Theatre is the principal Slovenian puppet theatre, hosting puppet shows and drama performances for children, youth and adults. The theatre, which operates in six venues, also boasts two festivals taking place every two years (in alternation). One of the theatre’s crucial activities is also attending to the preservation of the rich Slovenian puppetry legacy.

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