The brave Little Racoon goes on a quest in search for dinner. On the way, many animals warn him of the Thing in the Pool. Who is the Thing? Is he a friend or an enemy? Is he combative or peaceful? Finally, do we find the answer to those question within him or within us? The director Ljudmila Fedorova was inspired by the short story that an American teacher Lilian Moore wrote for her students as a template for a school assignment. In the 1960s, this short story accidentally made its way to Russia where it eventually became extremely popular among teachers, parents and children while remaining virtually unknown outside the borders of this large country, just like its author. Using the underlying idea and motifs of this small literary gem penned by a dedicated teacher, Ljudmila Fedorova created an original and enriched dramatic text for the puppet show. The fairy-tale journey of the Little Raccoon serves as a reminder that, sometimes, our greatest fear is the fear of ourselves and as a message that the actions of others reflect our own and the other way around. Its form also bears witness to the universal beauty of simplicity. What is needed to convince us? We just need to cross the water, without fear of what we will see beneath.

  • According to Lilian Moore's short story the author of the text and director: Ljudmila Fedorova
  • Dramaturgy: Marijan Josipović
  • Visual art: Aleksandra Kovalskaya
  • Music: Tomislav Pehar
  • Songs: Justina Vojaković-Fingler, Ivan Medić
  • Stage lighting: Lucijan Roki
  • Cast: Petra Kovačić, Andrea Majica, Ivan Medić, Tvrtko Štajcer
  • Other participants in the performance: Željana Cvitanović, Zdeslav Kukoč
  • 3+


Split City Puppet Theatre was founded on March 8th 1945 as Pionir Puppet Theatre. Their first performance was an adaptation of the Russian tale “The Icy Hill”. It premiered on August 2nd 1945. The first manager of the theatre was Mirko Božić who, in his two years on the job, set the course for the theatre’s repertoire that is still followed and developed by its puppeteers to this day. Split City Puppet Theatre is a strong and unavoidable point on the puppetry map of Croatia. This is confirmed by numerous performances at puppetry festivals at home and abroad as well as a number of awards and recognitions given to this theatre.

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